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Re: How often do you play with your children?

He sounds normal to me.

My kids would love for me to sit and play with them all day. But we've worked hard to teach the older 2 to play by themselves for awhile each day. Dd2 still resists doing so (she's 4 1/2) but is doing ok as long as I'm not far away. Ds is only 2 so I don't try really hard with him yet - and he has 2 older siblings and rarely needs to play by himself. Next year dd2 will hopefully go to preK each morning so he'll start learning then.

I usually start with them playing 5-10 minutes while I'm doing something in the same room (folding clothes, doing dishes, etc) andwork up to them being able to entertain themselves for 30+ min anywhere in the house (of their choosing, they can stay in the same room as me as long as I don't need to entertain them).
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