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I usually wear mat jeans for maybe 4-6 weeks post partum. Except for my first I seem to get to PP weight within 12 weeks or so. I gain a crap ton of weight when I'm preg so it doesn't take long after until my mat pants are too big to wear. But what I did do was make my own awesome fittin maternity jeans which totally worked as awesome post partum jeans.

I bought two pairs of jeans, one pair chip and pepper one pair of blue cult a couple sized bigger than normal and I unpicked the waistband and took it off along with the belt loops then I sewer on a nice knit panel with encased ultra wide elastic. One pair was a little bigger than te other. The first pair took me from about ten weeks all the way to 34 when I dropped then I switched to the bigger pair which lasted the rest of the time. I wore the second pair right after delivery and the first pair for the next three ish months. Then never again. LOL.

I find once I lose weight they don't stay up on me. I'm always hiking them up when I'm walking, standing, moving.
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