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Re: recommend a SOFT sole shoe/sandals for a new walker

Thanks everyone for your replys!

Originally Posted by seacat View Post
We had the robeez mini shoes and really liked those. I also like See Kai Run as they have a pretty flexible sole. We liked Stride Rite for a little later on as I find their shoes to be rather heavy. Really though until 1.5-2 years I encourage them to go barefoot more than anything.
Originally Posted by KB'sMama1031 View Post
Oh we love our Robeez mini shoes! The sole is a very very thin yet durable rubber, like as thin as the bottoms of the koala kids shoes. They are anti-slip and they are SO easy to get on and off too!
We also like our Pedipeds, they have a nice thin bottom, made of leather though so our our wood floors they can be slick. Its worth noting that all of Pediped's new shoes have a different more textured bottom so that they are less slick, we havent tried them since they just came out. However we did not put shoes on my son in the house when he was learning to walk, even though we have all hardwoods, it is better for their foot to be barefoot, thats thats why the thin and flexible shoes are made for outdoors, so they can feel the ground! Riley roos are nice too, they have rubber grips on the bottom and are a little thicker but still very very flexible, they are great for early walkers too.
As PP said stride rite are great, the stage 2 shoes (called soft motion) are awesome but definitely for children who can already walk, my son runs hard in his, and the bottoms are much thicker than the above shoes.

If you know the size your child needs, check ebay, I get most of ours from there, and find great deals! Also check out the FSOT here on DS the prices are a little lower than ebay if you can find what you are looking for good luck!
Thanks I completly forgot about see Kai Run, I got a good deal on a pair but they are still to big to DS. I need to get them out so I dont forget about them when they fit.

Now that its warmer He is barefoot around the house. Our flooring is over concrete & in the winter its WAY to cold to walk around without slippers & all the slipper I hound had really thick padding & just were not good! So I went with shoes for him. I dont even mind him being in the yard without shoes on (I dont wear shoes half the time) we have very soft grass. He does like to get down & walk when we are out & about so I will put them on him then.

Originally Posted by hpfgirl View Post
We love love love our Pitterpat shoes. She's on hyenacart.
I have never seen them before, I will have to check them out.
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