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Relief from terrible Vericose Veins during Pregnancy?

Hello Mama's,

I am wondering if there are others out there who struggle with terrible vericose veins during your pregnancies? It has been a terrible struggle for me during 3 of my 4 pregnancies and though we are not pregnant now, we are hoping for one more baby in the not-too-distant-future, we hope much as I feel confident that I would like to try for 1 more baby, I am scared that the pain of the veins for that many months will just be too much for even the tighest support panty hose! I am wondering what else you have found to help/work to relieve some discomfort and pain during pregnancy, besides the support hose... I have heard of a V-strap for the vaginal veins that I also deal with... what are your thoughts on that? I would love any, and all, ideas to give me some confidence that my body can do this once more!

Thank you!
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