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Dinner question....picky eaters

When your lo's are picky and not wanting to eat what you have for dinner, do you make them something special or something else?

Ds is 18 mos old, and seems to be getting pickier. Sometimes he's good, sometimes not. He pretty much refuses all meat all the time, so meals are difficult to start. Tonight we had at my parents- chicken, asparagus, salad, salt potatoes, and pasta. He ate nothing. They made the pasta just for him- He has gotten picky about the type of noodle he eats. He only likes big ones. He only drank his milk tonight....Dh gets pretty upset about this- it doesn't happen often, but more lately than ever before. I'd also like him to eat, but don't want to play the here, have this, no? ok, how about this....etc.

I do always offer and give him the foods he refuses, but he is getting to the stage where he knows what he wants and if he isn't getting it he gets mad. He wanted a bagel the other day and cried at breakfast for it. I don't want to make him separate meals and get him used to that, kwim?
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