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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
I don't make a special meal for DD and never have. She gets what we're having, cut up. She also gets a side of fruit, a sauce for dipping, and either kefir or water. If she doesn't eat anything, she still has to sit and wait for mommy and daddy to finish eating. Some days she doesn't eat much, others she is gobbling everything in sight and asking for more off our plates (we are ok with that). Toddlers will eat if they're hungry, forcing them to eat doesn't really accomplish anything, and making them special foods all the time just makes them pickier.
This makes me feel better. He wasn't angry after dinner and crying for food. That is what I told Dh, I can't force him, but then my pregnancy hormones started to get the best of me
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