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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

I never make separate meals, but always have lots of stuff available that I know my girls like. So, at each meal, I have cut up fruit and veggies, chunks of cheese, some hummus for dip...that way even if they don't like what I made, they have something healthy to eat.

The last thing you ever want to do is get into battles over food. It's your job as a parent to provide plenty of healthy, nutritious food, and it's your LO's job to decide when and how much to eat.

In our house, we do 6 mini meals a day. 3 main meals plus 3 snacks. Each time I serve food, I ensure it's nutritionally dense and balanced. If someone isn't hungry, I know there will be another opportunity for healthy food in a few hours.

I do, however, require that each kid take at least 1 bite of everything I'm serving. That's because tastes change over time, so just because they didn't like it last week doesn't mean they won't like it if they try it again. But once they take that bite, they don't have to eat more if they don't want to. They ask to be excused from the table, and that's that. Next snack, more healthy food arrives, and they can choose again.

Food should be enjoyable and relaxed, and if you fight with little ones over it, you're bound to lose, and they may end up with food-related issues down the road.
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