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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

For sass, whining, non polite requests, etc we 1st say something to the effect of: "that wasn't nice" , "that's not how we get anything" , "we use our nice voice to talk to each other" that correct the 3.5 year olds behavoir about 50-75 percent of the time (depending on the day )

If that doesn't work we tell him that he has the choice of time out or being polite. If he remains impolite he gets a time out, which in our house is called "nose to the wall" meaning that he stands in his bedroom corner with his nose touching the wall. A lot of the time he screams, says that he doesn't want a time out, ect, but he doesn't get to come out until either he calms down or its been 4 minutes (he almost always has to stay the full 4 minutes )

After he is done with timeout, I sit down eyelevel with him and ask him why he's in timeout. Once he tells me, I ask if he's ready to obey. Once he confirms that he is, he knows that he needs to apologize to the offended party. We have a rule of very specific apologies in our house. Not just "sorry," but "Brother, I'm sorry for yelling at you."

Then we end it with a hug

Time out didn't really work for us until we started talking with him about his behavior after the time out.
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