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Question for those who Vax - hard lumps at injection site.

DD is WAY behind on her vaxs but we are in the process of catching up.
She had two this week one on each leg.
At the site of the injection on each leg she has a large lump.
It doesnt' seem to hurt when I touch it and it isn't stopping her from
using her legs but I don't remember any of the other kids having big
lumps. I will call the health unit when I can but in the meantime anyone
know if this is normal? She has a slight fever and a runny nose too
BUT my other kids are also sick - they got sick the day AFTER her shots
(if they were sick I wouldn't have taken her - I don't vax already sick kids.)
So I don't "think" the fever is from the shots but it might be.
Advice is appreciated.
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