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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

I sometimes do the "I will give you ________ when you ask nicely" line, and that usually works, unless there is a full on fit being thrown. If that's the case, I make whichever child it happens to be go to their bedroom until they can come down with a good attitude. Some days it's just over & over back talk & complaining/whining...and then I break out the vinegar. I give them about a 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and explain that just like it tastes yucky, the way they are speaking to me (or whoever) is yucky & not ok. It works so fast! They hate the way it tastes, but it doesn't hurt them (like hot sauce or soap would), and it gets the point across. I only use it as a punishment for the way they talk, not for random disobedience or hitting, just nasty talk (complaining, whining, being unkind/bossy, talking back).
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