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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

meat is a texture thing for a lot of kids and he may just not be crazy about it. I would say at that age it's a little early for him to have defined dislikes as their tastes change so much. I think if he's gotten the choice in the past and he knows he can drink milk till he feels full he'll just pout and hold out for whatever his favorite and "safe" foods are to avoid trying anything new. Were it me, I'd withhold the bottle till after his meal. At that age you want them filling up on meals and the milk should come after he's full. Water only at the dinner table. From what you describe, it sounds like he's just afraid to try new foods and he had plenty of choices of foods at that meal. I can honestly say there are only a couple things that I know my oldest won't eat and I let him have a pb sandwich on those nights. He's almost 10 though. Breakfast and lunch aren't structured around here so if he had requested a bagel instead of cereal I would have just let him have it. Choices are good for toddlers, it helps them feel a little more in control. Stick to your guns with dinner though, or it will just get worse. My sil lets her ds eat reeses for breakfast because "if I don't he won't eat anything"...
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