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Re: If you got you SON circumcised how..

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
We used cloth, under a wool cover for super breathability.

I also mixed Herb Pharm Trauma Oil with lanolin and vaseline for healing. I think I lined diapers with a scrap of t shirt only for 2 changes, but we were using flats so it didnt matter so much.

He healed up in a few days. Even our intactivist midwife was impressed by how it looked at 1 day. He had a little extra bleeding the afternoon of the procedure but as the doctor had told us, if you see blood trickling, just apply pressure for 60 secs. It was all good after that.

I really didnt want to, but I'm Jewish and thought it was an unfair burden to put on him when he's older, just because I didnt have the guts to do it now. I researched the variations of the procedure, chose the doctor carefully, and his Dad and I were present for the whole thing. I held his hands, while he sucked sugar water off his Dads finger. The most discomfort he showed was with the first lidocaine injection and with the cleaning after, but even those were minor compared to the heel prick for PKU testing. He was also 16 days old, so the doc said he reacted more than most.

I think the intactivist post above is rude because it has so much false info. Interferes with breastfeeding 75% of the time is plain bull. Even my midwife, who tried to talk me out of it, didn't make that claim. My son was underweight the day of his procedure, an ounce away from not being able to do it... Afterward he nursed so well he started gaining more than an ounce a day.

Honestly the risks of circ vs not are higher than having a baby in a hospital instead of at home. And nobody's out telling everyone to run away from hospitals.

There was also a study just published that circumcised men have lower rates of prostate cancer. Makes no sense but there you go

His body, his choice.
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