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Re: Not responding to antibiotics

Viral infections don't respond to antibiotics and there is no way for a doctor to really know if your child has a viral or bacteria infection without further testing (which takes time and money and is almost never done for something like an ear infection). Thus, they prescribe antibiotics to "be on the safe side", just in case it is bacterial. Ear infections are more likely to be viral than bacterial, so it stands to reason that many ear infections don't respond to antibiotics.

In many cases, when the antibiotic takes longer to work than it should, it is NOT because your child had a resistant strain of bacteria, but because the virus goes away by itself, independent of the antibiotic.

In either case, the symptoms (pain and inflammation) of sinus and ear infections can take longer to subside than it takes to get rid of the active infection.

It is probable that your child has a viral infection, based on the other symptoms. However, there is a possibility it is some kind of superbug. I wouldn't know what to do in that case; I haven't experienced this kind of thing myself. However, since the body is capable of overcoming even bacterial infections on its own, if my child were sick for so long I would be more concerned about my child's immune system not being up to snuff. I would look into that, and definitely I'd be doing probiotics and other things (possibly garlic, vitamin c, echinacea or goldenseal depending on child's age, gse, etc) to help the child's body help itself.
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