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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

Yep, that's my 4 year old. I've been through The Incredible Years toddler and child classes. Although I missed a bunch of child classes due to not having a ride or babysitter for my younger. I really want to go again. The sad thing is I KNOW what I should do and say most of the time, but follow through is just stressful. OT just got added to his IEP along with speech this morning so he has other issues but man oh man. I don't know how many times I've said to myself something along the lines of "grrr, stupid safe haven age limits! I'd take him to the hospital RIGHT NOW and drop him off!" Haha.

I do really recommend those classes/books though. They offer them free 2x a year here and the kids attend "Dinosaur School" where they teach them different coping techniques and such for their emotions. It has helped for sure. Maybe you can find some in your neighborhood. Getting out for 1.5 hours to be around other moms/parents to discuss parenting strategies or commiserate over stressful situations is always nice, too.
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