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I'm 37 weeks with #3 & this is my second pregnancy dealing with horrible varicose veins. I have had days during this pregnancy & my last when all I could do was stand for a few (literally like 2 or 3) minutes at a time before running to the couch for relief. The support hose actually hurt me more, don't know if I had the wrong size or what, but I plan on buying one of these: if God blesses us with another baby in the future. I've read great things about them!

Here are some things I do/have done that help a little...
-Leg massage to work the blood back up into my body (my most painful veins are around my ankles & feet).
-Take frequent rests during the day with my feet propped up.
-Light exercise, especially stretching.
-Avoid tight clothing or panties, I wear mostly skirts & dresses during the day & yoga pants pulled up around my belly at night.
-Only DTD before bed so that my body can redistribute all the blood (or do whatever it needs to do) while I sleep, otherwise I'm in a lot of pain for the rest of the day.

However, *for me*, it's just one of many difficulties (like 12-18 weeks of severe M/S) during a pregnancy & would never ever keep me from having another sweet baby.

ETA: I was fitted for medical grade support hose & all that, but they still hurt me. :/ My mom mentioned that they now have support socks (at Bed Bath & Beyond I think) that might be helpful too. Next time!

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