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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

I take the 'you appear to have misplaced your good attitude. Maybe you lost it in your bedroom. Go look for it for me!' In a sarcastic tone. He usually scowls and stomps off to his room, and after a minute or so I'll call out 'did you look under your pillow? Maybe its in your closet!' And he giggles and tells me he found it in his sock drawer or somewhere silly. Making it a little game that also gives us the opportunity to get silly and goof around a bit while being apart for a minute or two seems to help.
Also, when both of us are on edge and he's feeding me attitude and I'm raising my voice (once it starts it seems like it just gets worse and worse until we're both miserable), we 'reboot' and we both pretend to shut off like a robot (relax our muscles and close our eyes) and then beep and wake back up, but we rebooted, so he needs to have a good attitude and I need to be more patient. It worked way better than I thought it would!
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