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Re: Relief from terrible Vericose Veins during Pregnancy?

oh there are medical grade compression have to be fitted for them, not just buy a small/medium/large off the shelf.

Admitably, i have some...but i live in the south and it's hot..and i'm even hotter when pregnant, so i only wear them when i know i will be on my feet a long time.

Strangely, the veins bothered me most of all between 12-28ish weeks...they aren't as painful now (maybe i've gotten use to them?) I was having some itching going on, but i figured out that the swelling and regular pregnancy dryness was making toilet paper stick to me more, and switched to using the cloth type and holy cow, what a difference!

I did have one instance where a vein in my leg had some issues...not sure if i just hit it on something and didn't realize it, or if it burst. I was 19.5 weeks then. We had just got the gender u/s done and went to the mall..the first store we stopped in, i felt an itching just below my knee..reached down and noticed some swelling so thought i'd better take a look incase i got bit by something...nope, just a huge bruise forming and instant swelling causing the itching...we went home shortly after so i could put my legs up
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