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Re: How many pp mama cloth?

Originally Posted by momomom View Post
I have 12 super-heavy overnight pp pads and 12 heavy flow regular pads. I made mine with my own pattern, but FERN & FAERIE's pattern is AWESOME and not too $$$. I also have 12 large PF's for the super-heavy flow for the first day or 2. I will wash every 4 days with this stash.

I used scraps of fabric from diaper making, etc, so my pad stash alone officially paid for my new snap press .

I do NOT wash my pads with my diapers. I think it makes the dipes smell fishy and also pads do better not washed on HOT. And I always wash dipes on hot. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE rocks for pads. I rinse my pad in cold h2o while on the toilet, then squeeze out and douse with hydogen peroxide, then toss in a bucket with a bit of water. Have done a wetbag, too.

I think fewer pads is fine if someone else can help wash them, but I like to wash my own so I prefer to go longer in between washes when postpartum. And again, just be aware that some mamas (maybe with hard water?) can get FUNKY smelling cloth dipes if they wash pads with dipes, unless you obsessively rinse your pads- and that takes a loooong time, longer than I want to spend in the bathroom to pee. You know the metallic/ iron smell of blood? That smell.

What's your wash routine? rinse, warm cycle, extra rinse?

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