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Re: Unexplained High Fevers?

Fever means the body is FIGHTING off an infection. Fevers are always seen as bad, but in fact they are many times a good thing. If we are exposed to something, then our body's reaction in order to kill it is to heat up with a fever. Sometimes the fever does it's job and successfully fights it off, and sometimes the bug wins and we get sick. This is often why a fever is the first and only symptom of something and sometimes a fever will happen out of no where (exposure) and then go away and no other symptoms. Those are the times that the fever wins! A lot of times suppressing the fever with Tylenol or other medications does a disservice. The body is a miraculous thing that is capable of fighting infection and that is the fever's role. If you always suppress the fever, then the fever doesn't have the chance to do it's job and the likelihood of coming down with whatever it was fighting is pretty high. Of course, there are risks with TOO HIGH fevers, that need to be treated...but the average, regular fever is a healthy process of our body and I personally try not to suppress it so it can do it's job.

That's my 2 cents on fevers!
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