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Scared he will end up preferring a bottle

I have to have an MRI with contrast dye tomorrow. After doing some reading, I am most comfortable with pumping and dumping for 24 hours after or as close to it as I can get. I have been pumping every morning for 2 weeks and have 27 ozs and I will pump one more time in the am. DS2 just had a bottle for the first time last night. I left and had coffee with a friend and DH fed him. I was both happy and hurt. He nursed when I got home without a problem. Anyway, I am scared that after a full day of a bottle he will prefer a bottle to nursing. He is 4.5 months so our nursing relationship is well established. I do absolutely need the MRI and after everything I have read, I would prefer to try to let as much of the dye run its course as possible. I just am worried about damaging the nursing.

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