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Re: Pregnant after TTC while Breastfeeding! *February-March*

Hey all.
I miscarried the next afternoon after I posted in here. The good news? After six losses, the doctors are FINALLY going to start testing to determine why I keep losing pregnancies. We know its not progesterone (mine looks great in the beginning and keeps on going). My HCG was doubling perfectly until it suddenly stopped. Everything looks great and then it suddenly isn't. So they're finally running some tests for me and we'll see what they determine. I do the bloodwork next Monday and it'll take 3 weeks to come back.

Please just pray that it is not genetic since that cannot be fixed. Clotting disorders, hormonal imbalances, etc can all be treated to at least improve our odds if not get rid of the problem completely.

We've ruled out structural abnormalities for me and obviously DH's body works properly if I get pregnant 7 times in 4.5 years (by the time you take out the months I was actually pregnant...that's 25 months out of 54...almost HALF...and the number of months I was infertile due to BFing my DS...that's another 13 months...out of 16 fertile months I got pregnant 7 of those months...I'd say we can conceive without too many problems, huh?). So, that leaves metabolic/hormonal disorders, blood disorders, and genetic disorders.

Please pray that it is something that can be solved!
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