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I agree with you on the fevers. We don't usually medicate for them unless they are over 103 (and only to make sure it comes down 1 degree in 1 hour) or before bed if the kiddo is too uncomfortable to rest.

Obviously the 105 reading had me freaking out a little - especially because she wasn't radiating heat like I would normally expect from a temp that high AND I fel like a bad mom for missing such a high temp when I was pretty sure it was only around 102 or so (we only own thermometers when there is an infant in the house).

I never had 'just a fever' when I was growing up but my mom always medicated at the first sign of fever so that's probably why....hence my marveling at my kids immune systems since they often have 'just a fever' and usually escape the symptoms everyone at school is riddled with.
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