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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

After having the pickiest kid on the planet then having her brother following suit... in the last 7 years I've learned to give up that fight. Why create such a power struggle over dinner? it's just food.

I ALWAYS make something that I know that they have eaten and liked in the past (even if they claim they aren't fans now, but previously had no issues with) and that's it. Even if it's just a side dish. Miranda went atleast 5 years without eating any kind of meat besides hotdogs or chicken nuggets.. now she won't eat either of those. she's moved on to very few meat choices (hamburger and Ham mostly).. Lots of people don't eat meat.. It's never killed anyone.

Miranda is Also INSANELY noodle picky. She'll only eat spaghetti noodles at this point. Nothing else.. so that really limits the pasta choices. She'll have nothing to do with any of the foods that they claim the "picky eaters" will eat. She wants nothing to do with the normal Kid foods.. She brings a lunchable and chocolate milk to school EVERYDAY where she eats the meat out of and drinks the milk and she's done.

My biggest bit of advice is to never start making a seperate meal. I did that for miranda when she was little (the only child) and I regret it now because now she just doesn't understand why she can't have spaghetti (her favorite) while everyone else is having something completely different. Every once in awhile, we'll have tacos, she'll have nachos, or we'll have one kind of pasta, and I'll throw in the kind she likes, but I don't make completely seperate things anymore. She's always welcome to get her own Cereal or something if she doesn't want to eat what we're having, but I'm not making her anything different.. I won't even get the cereal. lol I try to make it as difficult as possible so she just eats what we're having.. like I said, we never have something she doesn't like completely, there's always something on the plate that she's had in the past and has liked..

It's rough to have a kid like this. Try having 2. lol Jake isn't as bad though, not yet.
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