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Re: I have a scary decision to make...

Originally Posted by EuphoricDysphoria View Post
On May 27th (my due date as June 15th) I went to the hospital because DD wasn't moving as much. They hooked her up to monitors for less then 10 minutes and checked me. They said my water was bulging and DD wasn't responding to labour so they were going to break my water.

this is prob why they went ahead and induced...she wasn't moving much that you reported...and perhaps they were seeing something on the monitor to give them concern. You were already "full term" and with a bulging bag, it'd have been likely it's break soon anyways...with an inactive babe and signs they are ready to come out, it's "safer" for them to induce you, then to send you home and a later have a still born.

As far as getting a cerclage this time, I agree with getting a second opinion. I dont' think your previous pregnancy shows cause for one to be placed this pregnancy unless change is shown..however, it's easier to prevent then to go back in time. If you choose to forgo the cerclage, they will likely monitor cervical length and you may end up on bed rest or with a last chance cerclage placed..but go with the second opinion before worrying about all that
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