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Re: I have a scary decision to make...

I vote cerclage. I am an RN. The reason to do it early before your cervix starts to change is think of sewing a thick piece of fabric vs sewing a very this piece of fabric. The thick piece is alot more likely to stay thick if it starts to pull apart(dilate). If your cervix is already thinning(effacment) which sounds like it did early in your first pregnancy then the cerclage is less likely to be effective.

As far as midwives I know a cerclage does not exclude you from CNM care as long as you do not deliver preterm it actually does the opposite. It gives you a better shot at a term birth with a midwife.

I would also go to the hospital and get your labor record. Then if you have a midwife, doula or nurse friend have them read through your chart with you to explain anything you don't understand.

From what you said, I believe they induced you for decreased fetal movement with a vary favorable cervix, near term. They really should have explained this to you and let you help to make the decision at the time though.

Good Luck and definitively get a second opinion.
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