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Originally Posted by tygr2410

this is prob why they went ahead and induced...she wasn't moving much that you reported...and perhaps they were seeing something on the monitor to give them concern. You were already "full term" and with a bulging bag, it'd have been likely it's break soon anyways...with an inactive babe and signs they are ready to come out, it's "safer" for them to induce you, then to send you home and a later have a still born.
I didn't think about it this way. I guess watching the business of birth made me cold towards intervention and the reasons behind them.

Truthfully though here's how my labour experience went:

May 26th I go to OB appointment and say I think something's not right, can you check me? She proceeds to talk only about my weight gain and sent me home. (I did gain 40 lbs with LO but lost 33 lbs before leaving the hospital).

May 27th - DD isn't moving as much, go to the hospital ... You know the rest.

At the hospital they break my water and hook me up to monitors. Instantly contractions start and go full force. I ask the nurse for water, she tells me to wait. Im laying face down on the sheets where they broke my water because I can't move around and DH asks for clean sheet, she says to wait. I never get either.

Asked for an epi during transition phase, then Change my mind and get yelled at for wasting their time. They make me get it.

DD cluster feeds and the person beside me complains of her crying. Nurse takes her. Comes back 30 mins later and shoves, literally shoves her on my tit and says "YOUR daughter iSNT responding to ANYTHING we do. You HAVE to get her under control!". I start crying and tell her to walk away.

My catheter was pinching me so I paged the nurse. She just taped it to my leg. Every time I'd move it would punch me so I couldn't move. Not even stand up to get DD.

I asked 3 different nurses about nursing DD because I was having issues. All 3 said I was fine. Then I get my health nurse appointment the day after DD is discharged and she's lost 15% of her body weight. I have to take 26 pills a day, nurse, pump, supplement every 1.5 hours. At 3 months my boobs said screw you and stopped producing milk.

I think the negative experience with an OB birth has me invested in wanting a midwife. I know it's not the OB's fault but I want the birth to be peaceful and nothing like the first.
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