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Another Baby Name Post

So, DH and I are currently TTC (hoping this month is it!) and haven't figured out a name yet (yes, I am a planner if you can't tell, lol). Anyways, with all of our kids, they have one family name and/or a Biblical name. Our kids so far:

Jacob Richard (Adopted, so we did not choose his first name, but changed his middle name for a family name and Jacob just happens to fit in our "Biblical" theme.

Nicholas Jonathon (again adopted, so the first name was set. Jonathon is both Biblical and a family name)

Asher Timothy (Bio. son) and

Moriah Faith (bio. daughter).

So, we like names that are not super common but not too weird that meet the criteria above.

Our girl name will probably be Eliana Laurann (Laurann after both grandma's. Eliana is a Hebrew OT word), but not totally set.

Our boy name...we are stuck. So, give it your best shot. I would *like* the middle name to be Clayton after grandpa's...

You can suggest girl names too as ours it not set in stone!
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