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Re: Another Baby Name Post

I'm currently trying to push Judah for this little one's middle name if its a boy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story of Judah. Poor Leah was unloved and with her first 3 sons, she named them based on what she hoped the boy would bring to her and Jacob's marriage. For example, Levi means to cling to as she hoped that now, after a 3rd boy, Jacob would cling to her finally. But alas, no child made Jacob love her. So when she birthed her 4th boy, instead of wanting him to do something for her and her marriage, she just simply praised God for making him. She named him Yawah be praised.....Judah. And from the tribe of Judah, and the blood line of an unloved woman, came Christ! How amazing is that?! Plus, Judah would go well with your son since he too is named for one of the tribes of Israel.
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