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Ooh, a place where I might be able to get advice! :)

Hello! We are definitely not a traditional family, or so I've been told. Ds's dad and I have been split since before he was born, dh of 2 years I had to leave, and there are no grandparents on my side, just a very meddling gma on his paternal side. So, I am currently living just me and ds, which is WONDERFUL, just let me say. Okay, now to the issue at hand-

Ds's dad is not interested in him.....seemingly at all, for anything more than picking him up at scheduled times. He refuses any extra time offered, will not transport him to sports events (he wanted to join soccer this year, but since it was a huge fight we put it off till next summer.) and told me recently that he blames us both for "ruining" his life. That said, if I say anything about him just giving up the parental rights, he throws a hissy fit.
Ds is very attached to a good friend of mine, who was a roommate after his dad and I split. This friend treats him like his own (has no children) and jumps at the chance to spend quality time with him. The issue? I need somebody to be the other "parent" while I'm working. Specifically, he needs someone there when he graduates preschool, and tours his new private school(we both HS and private school) with him. Would it be too weird to have my friend do this? There is no relationship between us, and I do plan on moving on after I am fully divorced, and I'm wondering if it is an acceptable thing to have him help me so much now. He is very willing, and has already volunteered his time for ds.
I just feel so strange...and his dad's family doesn't help that at all.

I'm so sorry! I know I'm posting a lot lately and being very irritating, I'm just lost on so many things.
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