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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

My first didn't drop until in labor, 1 week after the due date. I'm so glad I was patient and waited because the cord was around his neck, and the longer you wait, the more the cord stretches, which makes it not so dangerous at all.

Here's some tips for getting baby in a good position:

~The Cat (yoga pose), on your hands and knees, arch back like a U while looking up and inhale, then arch back like an upside down U while dropping head down and exhale. Doing this often will get the spine of baby go against your tummy because it is the heaviest part that gravity will bring down. This is the cure for posterior babies, as well as for shoulder's stuck. Here's a video:

~When laying down, lay on the side that the baby's back is against. This helps speed up labor, while laying on the opposite side will slow down labor.

~Belly dancing is SOOOO helpful and feels really good, too. Do hip circles, shake your hips from side to side, make figure 8s with your hips, alternate bringing each hip forward, pelvic tilts, etc. Here's some video clips:
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