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Re: Pregnant after TTC while Breastfeeding! *February-March*

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
Well, at this point we KNOW something is wrong with me. Now its a matter of finding out WHAT. I'm okay with something being wrong as long as it can be fixed.
Yeah. I meant that having something wrong and treatable was a better option than them being all "well all your labs are normal so we don't know what's going on." (Although I don't know how often that happens anymore since it seems like they come out with more and more stuff that can be tested for and treated.)

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
I am the glue (the very gorgeous and witty glue) that holds this group together.

Either that or we all got busy worrying about babies and bellies.

But, I vote that I'm the glue. Yep. Definitely.
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