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So mad at him and its so stupid

Ugh I don't feel good and want to puke so I asked dh to pick up a cold sprite on his way home, our fridge isn't really working (vent all on it's own) so I haven't been buying anything that needs to keep cold but he does. I've told him not to since it's not keeping cool and i won't eat anything out of the fridge till it's fixed. Well he came home 45min later with all these freaking groceries that need to be kept in the fridge like milk and cheese BUT he also brought a freaking hot sprite insert temper tantrum here... Then he acts all surprised that there's no ice so I don't get a cold sprite. It's so petty but all I wanted was that freaking sprite and I'm so tired of him filling the fridge with food that is going to spoil bc the fridge doesn't even work. What a freaking waste of money.
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