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Re: How do you know if you have a problem? CDA

Originally Posted by lrhodes
Fortunately, dh rarely looks at the check book or I would already be in serious trouble. I started out by saying I needed 18 diapers to have a 'full' stash, that number continues to increase with each new diaper I see reasonably priced.. i am now up to 25 and know I have plenty more coming in the mail. I just can't keep straight what I've bought b/c paypal has me outta control! I agree with it feeling like monopoly money when you buy online. Sometimes I forget whos footing the bill! (hello!! you!!! ) There are dishes in the sink and laundry to be done, not diaper laundry though b/c those come first!!, but I continue to slave away on the computer in search of more and more diapers! I have even succumb to using diaperswappers as a reward... if i get something that needs to be done completed, i reward myself by checking to see if anyones selling something exciting! i cant help myself. the scary part is that i'm on baby #1 if another comes along that's a girl....oh no! i will most certainly have to keep all that i have in case of another boy, and buy all new stuff for girls!! Heaven help me...

Holy Moly!! I totally do all of that....

and to think that CDing would SAVE us money. Now My baby just has a designer butt!!
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