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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Originally Posted by Tippytoe View Post
So we've reached a very rough patch over here. I know DD is teething, and having MAJOR separation anxiety, but I'm tired!! I try to count my blessings because, really, she's an awesome baby. And I'm truly blessed with her. But she is not napping!! At all. She can only sleep if I'm her human pacifier. The minute it falls out of her mouth, she's crying. My son is on his second week of his break. He's been a little bit crazy. Lol. We are all so out of routine. :-/.
I'm not adjusting well to feeding DD solids. She wants them, but I'm having a hard time getting the solids for her because I've been lazy about cooking :: hides::. Any suggestions for solids? What does your LO eat? Lol I feel like a complete idiot asking this because I have three kids! But I'm in need of suggestions.

So, she's still not crawling :-/. She's not rolling over. She did start rolling over MONTHS ago, then just stopped. She does scoot on her butt to get around, though. It's hard not to compare. Especially since my other two were crawling at 7 months and walked at 12 months. I'm not sure that it's because she's the baby and is carried more because I'm busier? Sigh. I know when she does start to crawl..if she doesn't go straight to walking... I'll wish she wasn't mobile!! Haha
Aww This sounds JUST like me!

DD is interested in solids too but I only give her what I can squash up right out of the "wrapper" like a banana, yogurt, or an avocado. Baby junk food. I think I'm going to take an afternoon and ask my DH to watch the kids while I cook some veggies and sweet potatoes and then smoosh them and put them in the freezer for her. We tried small pieces of food too but she gags a lot still. That could be an option though - might be a little easier. I have also been slow because we don't have a diaper sprayer yet. I know, it's bad!

Also I think this must be the time for babies to stop napping and starting clinging to mama all the time! DD has always been okay with anyone holding her but lately she seems more suspicious of other people and she sometimes cries when I hand her off. Sleep has just been going downhill for about the last 4 or 5 months. She only naps about once a day most of the time, fights falling asleep at bedtime, and wakes up many times during the night.

Sigh. But she's so sweet and squishy and smiley. We'll get through it!!
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