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Re: severe itching

Originally Posted by CaliRoll View Post
Who said, the nurse? Or the OB? Ask for a copy of the test results.

You're not crazy. Being that itchy isn't normal, even if it isn't cholestasis. My last test results were within normal levels and I'm still itchy, just not horribly so. But I'm also on medication to help lower my levels and control the itch. I still have cholestasis... It's just managed and my OB knows going to term is not an option I'm willing to risk.

If they're not willing to treat you, all you can do now is take Milk Thistle, drink tons of water, eat a low fat diet, and hope to go into labor.

Or, you can pitch a royal fit in your OB's office and tell them you're not leaving without a script for Urso (Actigall) and an induction date of ASAP. You are well past 37 weeks. Yell, cry, stomp your feet, knock stuff over, make a scene. Having your DH on hand to tell the OB "I'm not taking this crazy itchy woman home with me so you may as well induce her" would also be helpful.

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