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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
Great info....I can break it down even further.

1. Use a mainstream detergent.
2. Bleach occassionally.


1. If your diapers stink, they aren't clean. Use more detergent.
2. If your diapers stink, they aren't clean. Use bleach.

Originally Posted by lashon20 View Post
Thanks alot for the info! I just recently switched to using Tide Liquid when I found out it rinses cleaner than powder. I always thought powder was the best, but I found out liquid is better.
To give the powder momas some credit, if it works use it! Liquid just rinses sooo much better for me. I say if powder isn't giving you 100% clean dipes, try liquid.
Originally Posted by floridatracy View Post
You were super helpful to me when I was having ammonia problems. It's great that you typed this up. I was already using tide bit still had the bleach fear. I don't use it every time but I use it about once a well now and so fast the ammonia hasn't returned. I also started rinsing my toddlers night time diaper in the morning which I think helps.
I'm so happy you havn't had any further issues!
Originally Posted by branfam View Post
Which tide liquid? Also a friend told me about Ecos? Anyone tried that?
I've always used the original liquid, nothing fancy. I have to have the he one. I do periodically use the total fabric care stuff and it works fine, just <3 the original, lol.
Originally Posted by thirdtimemomma View Post
The combo of bleach and sanitary cycle did break down my diapers faster then it should have. But I do agree with Try a mainstream detergent, especially Tide, it does work. I dont agree with Sanitary Cycle and Bleach each and every time. I do advocate the use of bleach and sanitary cycle.. but Im learning that both every wash is a bit over kill for me, now. In my old house I had to do that every time or I ended with stink. But now Im able to skip both of those and use them for trouble shooting, which is nice.

My advice, try a gentler washing routine first, then bring out the big guns.
Yep, it won't work for everyone. It just works well for us. I listed my routine because I thought someone may ask. My sanitary doesn't heat that I know of? It just uses hot for all of the cycles. I'm not suggesting my wash rooutine for anyone, just though it was worth mentioning so i wouldn't be asked. My machine also seperates the detergent cycle from the bleach cycle. I read that was better not to mix them, so I'm super happy with the machine. The problem with adding too many things is they may either react to oneanother or cancel eachother out ph wise. I just like the additives and other stuff seperated. With the exception of detergent and softner for hard water, which we now have softer water so no worries about that. I only do the research for momas on here. I have a good routine I'm sticking to like glue. I only do all of this to try and help other momas out with good reliable info I can find that may help someone.

Like there was a rumor goin round that ammonia was more soluable in cold, I found some great published studies that found it was more soluable in hot. I just think it's great knowledge that should be shared.

Yea, for sure. You don't need to do my wash routine, everyone will have their own.
Every routine will be diff due to material of dipes, water type, machine type, how often you wash, how many dipes, how your babys urine and bm's are, water temp, and type of detergent, ect... There are a million things that factor in.

You are very right I use a super heavy duity routine. It just works soooo well for our routine.

Great advice.

Please feel free to add advice on what trick works well for you!!
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