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Name Help

Years ago I changed my name to Rachelle, Chelly for short. Well Chelly stuck and on paper that's my name, not Rachelle. DD's middle name is Rachelle. DH likes the name enough that he wants to name this LO Rachelle, Rae for short.

The problems I see is that we gave DD a unique name that we invented so not only would DD2 not get a unique name but she would have her older sister's middle name. I'm paranoid that she could end up being like my little sister who was/is insanely jealous no matter what I do/say. If she had my middle name I think she may feel like she was handed seconds. But being that it's MY name first, I could tell DD2 that she was named after me.

No big deal or start looking at alternatives?

If LO is a boy we both really like Kyburz, Ky for short. Kyburz is a special place to DH & I. DH grew up camping there and he often took me camping there as well as proposed to me in the middle of the river there! (What's with men proposing in places that if the ring is dropped it's lost forever?!) I like the name and like the nickname but today I put it with the last name and well... Our last name begins with "s". So together it would sound like his name were Kybur unless a good pause is put between the names. Again... deal breaker?

Not concerned about teasing as 1. We will homeschool 2. We will be living internationally so unless there's a name that's offense or crazy in another language then it doesn't really matter.

Here's what we have on the lists so far....

Rachelle (Rae)
Liviya - second choice

Moses (DH likes but I don't)
Kyburz (Ky)
Malachi (Ky)
GIACOBBE (DH likes Josh and I gave him this one, it's the closest I get)
Dagan (Dag)
- I don't know why I like this one so much! But I'm sure DH would only go for it should he be our 5th son

DD1 1/09 *** DD2 4/12

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