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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

I feel like I can maybe help a little bit!!

Food: THE ANSWER IS TOAST. Buy bread, cream cheese, coconut oil, some jars of fruit puree, ANYTHING SPREADABLE. Then you just make toast and put crap on it. I use a pizza cutter to chop it into squares easily. I give DS toast almost everyday. We also gave up on pureeing stuff (I was super dedicated early on) and started buying the pouched food. DS wanted to "do it himself" so spoon feeding was out of the question. He can suck down the pouch easily. We also do a lot of blueberries, cheerios, cheese (buy in stick form - easy to break up), banana, avocado.

NAPPING/SLEEPING: DS started waking earlier and earlier and I found that it's a sign of the transition from 2 naps to 1 nap. I began cutting the 1st nap down from 1.25 hours to first 1 hr, then 45m, then 30m, and now we're cutting it down to about 20-30m. This puts the emphasis on a long afternoon nap. Which will help them sleep better at night. 2 naps is too much, 1 nap isn't enough. Ibuprofen has also been our best friend these past few weeks for teething. AND if you've ever read the Wonder Weeks book, 41-46weeks of age is prime developmental time and they'll start being fussy and cranky. We have a lot of screaming over here and whining and clinging.

Hopefully some of this is a little helpful

We got to a point where DS needed more interaction and stimulation so we went to a Kindermusik class yesterday. It was SO FUN. And it was great to see a bunch of different babies of different ages and different sizes. It helped to stop comparing I've always been weird about DS being smaller, but we met a little girl who was 13 months and smaller than DS. So many shapes, sizes and stages!
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