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Re: P17 Shots?

Originally Posted by newtwinmom View Post
Lots of work has been done that shows p17 is effective at getting you to term. Unfortunately we don't know if the small increases in miscarriage rate seen in a few studies is caused by the p17 or by the fact that the drug is given to women already at greater risk for miscarriage. Because p17 appears so good at preventing preterm delivery, little incentive exists to study the possibility. I haven't seen any studies directed at determining the risk of loss and a lot of the incidental findings of increased risk of loss weren't strong enough to be labeled "statistically significant" (meaning they may have only been a coincidence).

I started the shots late, as a last ditch effort, when I was admitted for ptl at 25+ weeks. I only got one before I delivered. However, I've looked at a lot of the literature and will be getting them starting at 16ish weeks (when my ptl started last time) with my next kiddo(s).

It's a very personal choice. Like a LOT of medical interventions, we don't know everything about p17. We do know it works very well and appears safe. I guess you have to look at everything we know and decide which way you feel best about-a very hard thing to do! GL!
Super true with the bolded above.

The research on it shows statistical difference in singleton births with the use of the shots - there wasn't a significant difference in mamas carrying multiples. My mom is a NICU nurse too - 41 years this year - LOTS has changed in those 41 years. I'm so glad your babies are doing well.

Originally Posted by aleatha5 View Post
I didn't like them. They gave me crazy headaches and moodiness. Plus bumps at the injection site. But ds2 made it to nearly 39 weeks, which was awesome. One study I read showed that the shots have the effect of increasing blood sugar and I had an unusually high one hour glucose test when I got the p17 shot in between the drink and the blood draw. My three hour test (which I took before getting my weekly shot) was great. So I think the high reading may have come from the p17
I agree - I did not like them at all. But I had two months of bedrest with my first and still ended up with a 34 weeker. I'd do it in a heartbeat. I never had an issue with blood sugar - mine was below 80. Do you have a link to the study?

Originally Posted by mmbreb View Post
I had P17 shots with my last pregnancy along with a cerclage. I had tons of time in and out of the hospital but I made it to 35 weeks when they induced due to low fluid. This time I am getting them. I am now 18 weeks and things are going much better this time around. I have had no contractions this time around. (I do have a cerclage again and it was put it much earlier) Overall I decided to do it again because although I cannot be SURE that it helped I really feel that it is possible my son wouldn't be here without the interventions. I have seen a Perintologist (sp) both times and both of them recommended doing the shots.
I've had the shots for two pregnancies. My second pregnancy I think it helped but I had very similar contractions like with my first pregnancy. I made it to 35 weeks when my water broke. With the third pregnancy my uterus was uber quiet. I made it to just shy of 37 weeks with no bedrest.


But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

My mom works in the NICU and I'm a special ed. teacher - I know what super preemies look like grown up. I'd like to avoid that if it is possible.
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