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Leaving a nursing toddler for nearly a week

I posted in weaning support a few weeks ago because I thought DS was almost finished nursing (he's 29 months), but I was clearly wrong because he's been asking to nurse more frequently and longer the past few weeks.

So my problem is that I have two trips coming up for work and I'm not sure what to do. The first is one night and day. DS would normally just nurse twice during that one, so I'm thinking of just not doing anything (ie no pumping) for that trip. The second is the one I'm worried about: I'm leaving Monday and coming back Friday. I'm afraid if I don't pump I'll be pretty uncomfortable by the second day. But the last time I tried pumping (nearly a year ago at this point, when I was out of town for two nights), it basically did very little.

So, I could do cabbage leaves or something but then if DS wants to nurse when I get back it might mess that up. WWYD?
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