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Re: 10 hours of pushing. Yes, I said pushing. Anyone else go long??

Originally Posted by aggfan View Post
I am surprised at the people who think 2 hours of pushing is long, or had C sections at that point. My memory from my research before my first birth was that 2-4 hours of pushing was a fairly accepted range in hospitals. I pushed for 1.5 hours with my first and it seemed very normal. FWIW, I pushed for about 5 minutes with my second child and maybe 10-15 minutes with my third, although the really intense pushes were 5 minutes or less.
Well for me we knew it was not the norm.

#1 - 1 hour of pushing
#2 - 10 minutes
#3 - 2 pushes
#4 - 2 hours in every position imaginable and no signs of descent or other progress. After my C/S you could see the bruising on his arms and the severe coning with a ridge where his head had been stuck. He was just simply too big.
#5 - 2 pushes - would have been 1, but the doctor made me stop pushing halfway through because she was coming and he wasn't ready, LOL.
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