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Re: More kids after a complicated delivery?

I had complications while being pregnant that progressively got worse with each pregnancy. I hoped the next one would be different & sometimes it was different but not in a good way.

With my last one, it left me with some serious permanent problems. I had hyperemesis everyday for the entire pregnancy. I had an infusion pump at home, spent weeks in the hospital and now, 2 years later, my stomach still feels like I have morning sickness every single day. I live on a very bland diet, pop zofran daily (along with other stomach meds), still vomit often and it will be like this forever. Imagine the crackers and ginger ale you'd stick with for the first few months, that's me but forever. I needed 5 iron transfusions after the pregnancy and will be having an abdominal hysterectomy in 3 weeks. My body really couldn't handle my 4th pregnancy.

Honestly, I really can't answer for someone else. I would not go back & change the past but will most certainly not be pregnant ever again. I'm very happy with 4 children and feel done but if for some reason, we really, really wanted a 5th, I'd consider adoption instead.
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