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Originally Posted by JadeScarlet
I had a home birth, and pushed for about 2 hours. Near the end, the midwife was watching his heartrate and it suddenly dropped. She told me we had to get him out and did an episiotomy. She had her assistant push on my stomach as I pushed and DS came out pretty quick, but had shoulder dystocia and ended up breaking his right arm.

He was also big - 8 lbs 14oz.

All was well in the end though. The midwife found a great orthopedist and his arm healed very quickly. He's so healthy now I can barely remember those first few weeks of trying to hold him carefully. Last x-ray showed everything was completely healed.

The hospital on the other hand...they weren't so great to us. They made it clear that they disapproved of the home birth.
Fundal pressure is a huge no no in the hospital setting, risk of uterine rupture. But I guess at a home birth theres no choice.
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