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Re: where does your baby nap at during the day

Every day I have to spend 30 - 40 minutes rocking her to sleep and then if I move her, she'll wake up instantly. So that's another hour or so that I've got to sit and let her nap on me. We go through the same thing at bed time every night but it's a bit better, because we go in a dark room with a white noise machine going so she relaxes much faster and I can put her down eventually.

It takes that long to get her to nap every day because I have 3 other kids running around the house, so I can't just go in the other room and rock her to sleep in there. I have to sit out here to monitor the other kids and the baby will start to nod off, then startle at somebody screaming or the dog barking as it chases the kids around or something like that.

That's why I'm on DS so much lol. I browse while she sleeps on me.
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