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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by branfam View Post
Sorry for all the newbie questions, but how do I know if my disperser works? I have never used it?!?!

Also, I did my prewash, then hot wash w/detergent and bleach, I am doing a second wash right now b/c there are a TON of bubbles! Not sure if it the soap or bleach. I kind of think its the soap. This is what it looks like a lot of the time. I am using dropps right now. Haven't had the chance to go to the store.

I am trying to get rid of ammonia. DD the other night woke up in the morning with a bad ammonia burn.
I used Dropps for a while. It worked better than any other natural detergents that I tried but it doesn't rinse out well enough and I would have to do way to many rinses to get it out and I don't have the time or water to waste for that. It worked very well for about a month when ammonia started coming back. I was disapointed becuse I really liked it but it just leaves to much residue behind for diapers. If I were you I would try Tide, gain or purex. Personally I use Tide Free and gentle powder and I never have ammonia anymore!

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