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Re: I need your advice What am I missing???

I would recommend getting some bioliners. For us, there were a must! They make cleaning up soiled diapers a breeze. Actually, to this day I don't rinse or soak my diapers. All I do is put a bioliner on them, if it gets wet I rinse it and reuse it (I think most people throw them out when they are wet but from my experience, they can easily be used a few times). If the bioliner gets soiled, I throw it out. Even though most of them are flushable, I don't want to do it because it can clog pipes (I put some by mistake in the wash with my diapers and after 2 full cycles with warm water, they weren't even close to dissolving...).

I use Grovia bioliners. They are really wide so I cut them in half. Great value for the price!
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