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Re: where does your baby nap at during the day

As a baby, on me, cradled in my arms, in a SleepyWrap, or on a pillow on the couch. We bed-shared from 3.5 mos+ (co-slept from newborn and still co-sleep). At 10 mos., I was finally able to get him to nap in a Pack-n-Play in our room, but he needed a pillow (). Now, at 22 mos., he still naps in a PnP in our bedroom. We converted his crib over to a toddler bed, in hopes it would entice him to want to even just nap in his bedroom...but, no such luck.

As far as position, on his back or side as an infant. Now, he goes down on his back, but he'll usually flip over to his tummy most nights.
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