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Re: need your input. baby shower gifts...long

Originally Posted by GrahamBaby4 View Post
From what you have described, she doesn't want to bf her child, she simply wants everyone off her back. Ask her if thats why she is saying it, tell her that its OKAY to not bf (I too am a bit sharky when it comes to BF, but I would never every "force" it down someones throat either) Let her know you support whichever decision she wishes, but ask her to tell you how she truly feels so that you can get an appropriate gift. - in my honest opinion, she would be more thankful to have an option than get something that is so wonderful but sooo not what she would need or want.

Lots of Love to both of you

this pretty much sums it up for me too. this way you can get her something she would really use whether it is the breastfeeding support kit or something else equally as wonderful. congrats to both of you!
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