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Re: Scared he will end up preferring a bottle

Originally Posted by e_roehm23 View Post
My dd is 6 mos and has been taking a bottle since she was about 2 mos. So, I thought our nursing was solid, but recently we have had 2 bouts of bottle preference, each lasting 5-7 days, so not to scare you, but even at your lo's age it can happen. I have an article for you that should help:
The author, Dee Casings is an IBCLC in Connorsville, Il. and very well known in the tri-state. She is a "Breastfeeding Specialist" and did win a national award for this research. I am using this technique now and have had ZERO problems ever since!! Good luck with your MRI!
That is an excellent recommendation for bottle-feeding the breastfed baby! I care for a little girl who is primarily breastfed but gets bottles of breastmilk while her mother is at work. I use these methods to bottle feed her and she gets a slow-flow nipple. It takes her about 20 minutes to finish a feeding and I try to feed her every 2-3 hours, like she would if she were breastfeeding. She is 12 months old now and has never had a nursing strike. She still prefers the boob over the bottle and I'm glad.
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