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Re: Can't decide what to get, help me choose!

Originally Posted by mypeanut09 View Post
I have $50 to spend. Since cloth seems to be my new addiction, I'm spending it on that. But I am not sure what to spend it on. I have gotten down to two options. One is partially things I want to try/things I need: CJs, a FuzziBunz OS diaper, and a Grovia AIO, this would be through Kelly's Closet, so I would also get whatever the free OS diaper is this time. I'm guessing it's a Kawaii, since there is no minimum value.

The other option is to order the $50 Mystery Fluff box from Kissed by the Moon and be surprised. This option is intriguing to me, but at the same time, I really want to at least try a FuzziBunz.

So thoughts?

Oh...I also kind of want the Flip cover in Lovelace, but Kelly's Closet doesn't have it yet.
Order a CJ sample to see if you like it (they are like 1.50), and for sure a grovia AIO since the new prints are coming out, all the retailers have them discounted. I'd get a FB on the FSOT here since the resale is so cheap. KBTM has free shipping also. Abbys Lane has free shipping too and I would bet they might have that flip cover... a couple weeks ago I bought an Albert BGE from there when no one seemed to have them.

Mystery diapers are cool, but to be honest, I've usually just sold the diaper right away beause I didn't like it (free is free, I know). I did once get an artist series BGE from Nicki's... was quite happy! That was over the top though and I would never expect a retailer to give them out as their free diaper considering I only spent like $30.
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